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Simple 21 example

hello friends!

i'm a seasoned (game) developer for many years, and i recently came across the gamegarden's api for creating multiplayer online games! it's quite fascinating and fun!
i was looking to put together a simple demo game to test out and learn the api interface and its distributed object mechanisms, so i picked a basic blackjack (21) game to implement. i spent about 7 evenings studying, coding, and testing the api and demo. (thanks to herbyderby for providing a template example to examine and study for card games). there's a lot in there to learn as the api is quite robust!
the Simple 21 game that's available is a multiplayer blackjack demo where upto 3 players can play against the dealer. it's pretty basic but seems to work. if there's more time later i'll add some more to it later.
check out http://www.nba2kstuff.org for source to the example.
thanks & peace!
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