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Gaza RPG Online

Game Name: Gaza RPG Online
Game Theme: 2D RPG, Trigger Event Game
Website: To Be Made
Forums: To Be Made
Storyline: You Start Off A Teenager Living Dockside. You Find Jobs Like Tying Up Ships By The Docks, And Get Paid. Also Jobs Like, Cleaner, House Real Estate Etc.
About Me: I have been using computers for about 10 years. I've played thousands of English Online Game/RPG. I wanted to be a "Game Maker" ever since I was younger. I can get addicted to videogames easily. I have good knowledge of website designing, and Developing, and have already fooled around with everything.
Hopes to: Improve my skills, have a good team of people working on my game, make a game thats fun to play, have a game that more than 100 people play, and hope to have a few servers/worlds. (Would Need Donations First, Then Might Sell Money Etc. Online To Keep The Game Going.) If it turns out well enough I can pay everyone that had volunteered and even hire more people.
My Skills:
Best At: Sever Upkeep, Admin, Mapper, Moderator
Good At: Developer, Graphics, Website, New Content
Bad At: Coding, Scripting,
Positions Needed:

2 Developers

3 Mappers

2 Bug Finders/Hackers

3 In Game Moderators

2 Forum Moderators

3 Coders/Scriptors

3 People for Graphics/Website/Forums

3 People for Art/Animation

2 Storyline People

4 New Content Thinkers

2 Sound/Music

Application Form (Be Honest)(All questions must be answered) If you want to help with the game fill out this form. You must be able to adjust your style of work to what I want in my game. If I don't like the work you've been doing you will have to adjust it to what I'd like to see.

What position you want the most:
What other positions you may want:
Name you go by:
In Game Name You Would Like?:
Any Other Idia's For The Game?:
Email Address:
What is your native language?:
How many hours do you spend online a day?:
What kind of computer do you have?:
What is your type of internet connection?:
If the game needed funds would you help?:
Have you had a paying job before?:
Which do you like more? Making games or playing them:
What experience do you have in the position you want to fill?:
Would you say you are an Expert, Moderate, or Beginner in the position:?
Would you break the rules or TOS in my game?:
Have you answered all of the questions honestly?:

If you would like to help out with the game, you can also E-mail me at Yppmanlol@hotmail.com

Hope To Hear From You Soon.
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Joined: Aug 7, 2008
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Re: Gaza RPG Online

ill help i wanna be a #9 aka story maker and i might have a coder : )
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